Meet the Family


Mike - President & Diamond and Luxury Watch Expert

I remember being at the store from little on. My dad was a believer in work; you can't have anything for free. He didn't believe in allowance, so he would say "if you want money, then get down here and work!" I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 1984, and officially joined the family business. I handle all of the diamond buying for the store, in addition to leading the Corporate Gifts and Promotions department, and am considered the store "watch expert." I strongly believe in doing everything possible to satisfy my customers. I recognize that satisfied customers often become repeat customers. Being President Board Member of the West Bend Business Improvement District keeps me active in the community while striving to make our Downtown a destination. I am lucky enough to combine my management experience with my love of skiing as the chairman of the National Safety Team for the National Ski Patrol.


Mary - Co-Owner, Designer & Avid Jewelry Lover

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 1981 with a degree in special education; but returned home one summer to help my dad with the store. I recalled the days when I was younger of polishing silver and making pretty bows after school, but when I came back at 22 years old - I fell in love with the business and the customers. Still today, we are a family business. My brother Mike or I try to help the customers as much as possible. We hand select everything we sell in the store, and because my dad was the man of all-best deals, we've become very good buyers. I have a passion for jewelry and I'm dedicated to working with customers to find and create exactly what they are looking for, in addition to leading the design and manufacturing of each Husar Exclusive Design. Committed to community service, I have been serving the Wisconsin Jewelers Association since 1984, as the past President, then the Board of Directors and now the President again. I also served on a committee that successfully brought the "Main Street" program to West Bend. My favorite volunteer effort is serving on the United Way Board.


Pam - The Seasoned Veteran

Edging up to my 20th year at Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds, I am the seasoned sales associate and I am proud of it! I’ve helped thousands of people achieve life memories. That’s one of the best parts about my job, when a couple comes in to pick up their completed ring and they put it on. When their face lights up, sometimes tearing up and they exchange a kiss with their loved one. Those are the sweet enduring moments that make my job so special. When I’m not changing the world one relationship at a time, I enjoy gardening, biking, going to the gym, spending time with family and watching my adorable granddaughter.


Lori - The Thoroughbred 

I’m nearing my 4th year as a sales associate at Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds. I fell in love with our jewelry when I first started, the selection, the sparkling diamonds, the rare gemstones (especially the emeralds), everything was gorgeous. Now, I not only love the beauty, but everything that goes along with it. The exclusive designs, the hand-selected color matched diamonds, and the quality craftsmanship are all things that I show off to our customers. In my spare time I love reading and going to athletic events, especially my kid’s softball games. 


Heather - The Technical Teacher

I’m a certified gemologist through the American Gem Society, and I’ve been in the jewelry business for a very long time, but nothing compares to our little family here at the store. Besides the people I work with, one of the best things about my job is when a couple comes in and says that they have been to numerous stores and haven't found a thing. That's my favorite moment because I get to show them why they'll find something here. In my spare time I enjoy reading and spending time with my four legged fur children.


Helyn - The Corporate Gifts Guru

Corporate Gifts & Promotions

I have been the Husar's Corporate Gifts & Promotions Specialist since 2008. I have an extensive background in sales, marketing, and customer service. I guarantee I’ll find the perfect product for your project!


Jody - The Number Cruncher

I’ve worked for the Husar’s for nearly 20 years as the book keeper. The best feeling at work is when everything balances out! That isn’t the only thing I enjoy about Husar’s though. I also think it’s fun to see happy people, who love their purchases. Plus I get to work with knowledgable and fun coworkers. On top of that, I get to see my favorite gemstone, Rhodolite Garnet, almost every day! When I’m not working, (Which isn’t very often!) I like to spend time with my family and bake treats!