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What She Really Wants under the Tree

Does your significant other want a piece of jewelry that is completely unique? The holidays are almost here and a fine piece of jewelry will completely sweep her off of her feet. But what? A diamond? A gemstone? Here’s your answer: a Fancy Yellow Diamond. Here are three reasons a fancy yellow diamond is the perfect gift to give this holiday.

yellow diamond scale.pngColor Variations – Some call them canary, some call them lemon-drops, but they’re mostly known as fancy yellow diamonds. Whatever slang is used to term these breathtaking diamonds, there is a shade for everyone. Fancy yellow diamonds range from Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Dark, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep and Fancy Vivid. The colors are evaluated on the basis of tone and saturation. The brighter and more pure the color, the higher the value.

yellow diamond edit.jpg

Invest in Rarity – Every 1 out of 16,500 carats that are mined is a yellow diamond, making them very rare. Yellow diamonds are formed when nitrogen replaces some of the carbon atoms in a diamond. The more nitrogen the more colorful the shade of yellow, which increases rarity.



“Wow Factor” – Yellow diamonds are among one of the hottest trends emerging among celebrities. Carrie Underwood rocks her (roughly) 5 carat yellow diamond as an engagement ring. These statement pieces are being adored by many.

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