Blog posts of '2017' 'April'

Now Hiring: 5 Characteristics We’re in Search Of
Are you in search of a new career?! Husar's Sales Associate position could be for you! Find out more here:
Natural Diamonds vs. Synthetic Diamonds
Learn more about synthetic diamonds. What the differences are between lab-created and natural diamonds? Find out here:
How Diamonds Can Chip and How to Prevent It
Oh, you didn't know!? Well, here at Husar's we are all about education! Learn more about diamonds, how they can chip and how you can prevent it here!
Our Stamp
There is a stamp on each ring we make. It says, "Husar's." Learn more about our stamp here:
What She Really Wants under the Tree
The holidays are here and you want to wow her with a special gift. Here is what you should get her:
How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?
A common question is, "What should I spend on an engagement ring?" Our sales associates hear this concern often and here is how they each answer it:
5 Ways to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger
Are you worried about your diamond looking small? Don't be. There are several ways to make a diamond appear larger and here they are...
The 40 Best Proposal Ideas
Looking for creative ways to propose? Here are forty of the most fun and romantic ways to ask her to marry you!
The 4 C’s: What You Really Need To Know
As a universal scale for jewelers, the 4 C's is a grading scale that you can count on as a consumer. We want our customers to know the quality of jewelry we are providing them, so here is a quick overview of the 4 C's.
Things to Do in West Bend
Our founders old saying was, "A short drive is true, but a short drive to savings if just for you!" If you make your way to West Bend to come visit us. Here are some other things to do too!