The First Look: Take II
Yes, we are aware we are working backwards, but who could resist doing a ring “first look”? Here at Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds we love when we get couples who shop together for an engagement ring, and we’ve noticed some benefits for those that do.
The First Look: Take I
Have you heard of a first look? Well, let us fill you in!
Classic Gifts for a Classic Dad
Who could forget a classic? Whether he’s a sports fan, an adventurer or a downright handy Dad, these gifts are sure to make his Father’s Day.
Gifts for Dads with a Little Extra Class
The Classy Dad. He’s so polished. Time to show him you’ve noticed! Here are a few fine gifts to suit your Classy Dad this Father’s Day.
Classy Dad or Classic Dad, Top Gifts for Both
It’s here. That moment when you need to come up with some spectacular present for the man that raised you, but then you don’t know where to begin and end up getting him a crummy tie from some department store. Don’t worry, this year will be different, & we’re here to make sure it is! Here are some...