Don’t Damage Your Jewelry – Here’s How

Think about your daily routine: wake up, work out, shower, lotion up, get dressed, makeup, hair, breakfast, work, cook dinner, clean, relax, sleep. Several times throughout the day you should not be wearing your jewelry! Specifically when you’re… 



Getting SWOL

If you wear your jewelry while you’re physically active you risk changing the shape of your ring, which could ultimately loosen the setting that is holding your rock in place. So, take off your cherished ring, and leave it at home. You don’t want it to get all sweaty anyway. 

Nourishing & Primping

All of the products we use to look glamorous, make our jewelry look not so glamorous. Hairspray, lotion & cosmetics all cause unwanted buildup that makes jewelry lose its luster and shine. So, it’s important to keep you’re ring in a safe place while you’re getting dolled up.

Being a “House Wife”

The chemicals found in household cleaners are not your rings friend! Cooking or cleaning while wearing your bling can damage your stone or setting. And, as crazy as it sounds, the color of your ring could be altered by them too! Your rings safe place is a necessity during this time, unless you want to make your significant other cook & clean for you. 😉


Taking rings (or other jewelry) on and off throughout the day should be a normal part of your daily routine. This way, jewelry keeps its luster, is less likely to get damaged and is treated like the precious accessory that it is.bdgs_00017

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