How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Are you thinking about getting engaged? Then you probably are wondering how much you should spend on a ring for your soon to be fiancé. We were wondering too, so we asked the experts. Our sales associates had this to say..


Two to three months’ salary is a good indicator of what a customer’s budget should look like. That isn’t always the case though. Some people spend less and some people spend more. It all depends on the style, quality and size of ring they are hoping to purchase.



When customers ask me how much they should spend on an engagement ring I remind them that they only have one chance to wow her. The moment they pull out that ring and propose is a moment that she will remember forever. I make sure customers keep that in mind when determining budget.


I think customers should really be considering what they can afford verses what an engagement ring costs, especially since Engagement rings range from a quarter machine ring to Beyoncé’s 5 million dollar ring. Whether a customer is paying upfront or making monthly payments, they should know what they can afford to spend on this special occasion and shouldn’t feel pressured to spend more than they can afford.



If customers are concerned about the size of their budget, then I tell them about Husar’s equal trade-in policy. A Diamond, purchased from Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds, may be exchanged for a diamond of greater value by paying the difference between the price a customer paid Husar’s for their diamond and the price of the new diamond. It really is a great option for those who are just starting out.


I am fairly new, so I’ve never been asked that question. If someone did ask however, I would tell them there is no set amount that they need to spend. What’s important is that they find something special that they both love.


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