The 4 C’s: What You Really Need To Know

The 4 C’s are a universal grading scale for jewelers, whether you’re looking at a mall jewelry store, or a quality jeweler like Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds. The difference is… we educate our customers on the quality of diamonds they are shopping for, to make sure they are getting the knowledge, and high quality they deserve.


The most important “C” of The 4 C’s is cut. It is a very delicate craft to cut a diamond to an ideal cut standard. An AGS Ideal Cut is the highest quality of cut that is attainable, according to American Gem Society Standards. It has 58 facets, and those facets allow light to interact with the diamond, creating the most sparkle possible.

The cut determines the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond, which we all know is very important. At Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds we think it’s so important that we only use AGS Ideal Cut diamonds! If you purchased your ring from us, you know that all of your diamonds illuminate the most sparkle possible, not just the center one!


Clarity refers to the natural markings found on and within diamonds. These are known as blemishes and inclusions. Some jewelers refer to them as nature’s birthmarks.


Now, some inclusions can’t be seen without a microscope, so some jewelers won’t even tell you about them! If you want to know about the true clarity of a diamond, ask for the plot image (pictured above). It will show you how many inclusions or blemishes are on, or in the diamond you’re interested in. Or, come to Husar’s, we’ll show you under a microscope, so you know exactly what you’re getting.


The color of a diamond is actually referencing the absence of color and it has a significant impact on how the diamond will look and sparkle. Color grades range in-between colorless, brown, and yellow. Color is evaluated and graded by how closely a diamond is to reaching absolute colorlessness. The less color, the higher the grade and the higher the value.


A carat is a metric unit in which a diamond can be categorized into a weight measurement. This refers specifically to the diamond’s size. Since we have one of the largest selections of loose diamonds in Wisconsin, we have diamonds of varying sizes to meet your needs.


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