The 40 Best Proposal Ideas

Are you ready to propose, but don’t know how to make the moment special? Here are 40 of the most unique marriage proposal ideas. Calm your nerves and give yourself a pep talk. You can do this. You have the perfect ring from Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds, the perfect proposal idea, and the perfect woman. ❤

1. Wine Tasting

Want to impress your lady? Take her wine tasting and wait for the perfect opportunity to propose. Maybe even slip the ring in her drink, but make sure she doesn’t drink it!

shutterstock_3605107912. Five-Star Meal

Take her to a 5-star restaurant and show her how much she means to you. Somewhere between the third and the fourth course you can make a toast to your future together and reveal that beautiful, one-of-a-kind Husar’s ring.

3. Themed Proposal

Everyone wants to be treated like a princess at least once. Recreate her favorite movie theme. Then when the clock strikes 12 she’ll turn into your soon-to-be wife.

4. Holiday Tree Cutting

For a time of year filled with family, thankfulness and warmth even though it’s cold, the holidays make a great time to propose. If you want a surreal experience, take her tree cutting. Picture the white blanket of snow and fresh evergreens around you as you ask her to be your wife.

5. Milestone Move

Are you graduating from college? Getting a new job? Buying a house? All of these are great opportunities to make this milestone even more memorable!

6. Get Some Help

There are several places where you can display those four big words. Go to an aquarium and see if the divers will take a sign in the tank, or try the jumbotron at a sporting event. Otherwise, hire a skywriter to write it in the sky.


7. Destination Proposal

This is definitely for the ultimate romantic. Whisk your partner away to a beautiful destination and ask her to spend the rest of her life with you.

8. Cook Her Dinner

Not all engagements need to have a high budget. If you’re looking for something simple, try cooking her a fancy dinner at home, pop some bubbly and then the question!

9. Roses, Candles, Champagne, Hotel Room

Can you say Hollywood? The only thing that could make this proposal better would be Mathew McConaughey himself! The hotel staff may be able to set everything up for you, so when you come back from your dinner, or your day of adventures, you can ask if you can be her husband.

10. Take a Hike

That won’t be what she tells you if you take her for a scenic hike through nature. Our best advice – place a sign along the path beforehand, with a heart and both of your initials inside of it, hers being her soon-to-be initials (aka your last name).

11. Favorite Memories

If you want to sneak a peek at your girls Pinterest board, you will probably see pictures tied to the ends of balloons. Now, imagine if you made that a reality? Print a bunch of different pictures of your favorite moments together, get some helium balloons, fill the entire room with them and you’ve got a perfect proposal spot.

12. Serenade Her

Are you a guitar player? This is the perfect opportunity to sing her a song. Or, if you’re really creative you can write your own!


13. Photoshoot

Does she want the big moment caught on camera? Take her on your very own couple’s photoshoot! Have the photographer set you up in the background of your lady and take a knee. Then have her turn to face you and “shutter,” moment captured!

14. Top Down Day Trip

Rent a convertible and take a day trip. Make sure to pick a nice sunny day, rent your top free carriage and visit some nearby places. West Bend is a cute destination! Or, stop at a historical site/viewing area. They make great proposal spots.

15. Berry Picking

A proposal that isn’t utilized enough is berry picking. Go with your love to get some of your favorite fruits. Then at this quaint location you can pop the question. If you go to the right place, they may have some strawberry wine to celebrate!

16. Ski Lift

Are you a fan of skiing? (Owner Mike Husar is!) Write in the snow below the ski lift will you marry me? Then take her for a ride, but make sure she doesn’t fall out!

17. New Year, New Title

The ball is just about to drop and she’s thinking she’s just getting a kiss. Instead as soon as everyone starts the counting down, you get on your knee and say… “Will you be my fiancé in 20**, so I can make you my wife?”


18. Picnic

Pack a lunch, find a spot, lay out your blanket and prepare to ask the love of your life to marry you. You can dress it up by bringing some candles, or dress it down by getting all of her favorite foods, including those Oreos you know she’s dying to eat.

19. Botanical Gardens

A botanical garden is a year round place for a marriage proposal. During full bloom of spring or a snow fall during winter. She will feel like Cinderella.

20. Family Gathering

Some girls are all about family. If that’s your girl, propose to her at her grandma’s birthday party, or the family trip up north. She will adore that all of her loved ones are there.

21. Helicopter Ride

Live the high life for a day. Helicopter rides can be an unbelievable experience, plus they are a good change up from the usual hot air balloon ride proposal.

22. Your Spot

Pick your favorite place in the whole world. It could be a fountain, a park, a bridge, coffee shop or a statue. Then, if you really want to be cheesy you can say, “This is my second favorite spot in the world, my first is being right next to you.”


23. Apple Orchard

Taking that perfect Fall day to visit an apple orchard could make for the perfect proposal as well. Pick some apples, go for a hayride and make sure to eat a caramel apple. After you’re done with that sticky mess tell her she’s going to need to wash her hands and pull out the ring.

24. DJ! Pass That Mic!

Is there a great band or DJ playing? Ask them to pass the mic! Arrange everything before the show, and when it is time, ask your girl to marry you in front of the crowd!

25. Scavenger Hunt

A proposal original: This might take some time to plan, but the effort won’t go unrecognized. Give her clues and take her on a search that leads to you and that beautiful AGS Ideal Cut Diamond.

26. Holiday Light Display

For a whimsical proposal there is nothing more romantic than some hot cocoa, a cold night to bundle up and a mesmerizing holiday lights display. Once you’re in the middle of the park, kneel down and pull off her mitten to ask for her hand.

27. Morning Coffee

Write “Will You Marry Me?” at the bottom of a mug and serve up her usual coffee, hot cocoa or tea. Her sleepy eyes will brighten as soon as she sees­­­­ your adorable proposal!


shutterstock_295767632 28. A Meal Outdoors

This might require some effort, but will totally set the mood. Try hanging string lights or placing candles around the yard. Cook or order takeout and enjoy the evening on the patio together. What a perfect way to propose.

29. Surprise Trip

Here is a proposal for a planner! If you want your woman to know that you gave all your effort on a proposal, surprise her with a trip to somewhere she has always wanted to go. It doesn’t have to be far, just don’t forget to pack her a bag and to bring the ring!

30. Four-Legged Friend

A ring tied around your pet’s collar is a cute way to propose and allows for the perfect surprise.

31. Pumpkin Picking

Go for a cute day date pumpkin picking. Then go home with your love and carve pumpkins. “Will You Marry Me,” could make for a great carving design.


32. Beach Proposal

Whether you’re in a foreign country or a few minutes away from home, a beach proposal is a beautiful thought. Try to stay away from water though, you don’t want to drop the ring!

33. Surprise Her at Work

A clean cut guy with a bouquet of flowers in front of everyone! What a surprise. What’s more of a surprise? Whisking her away from her work day after you ask for her hand!

34. Techy

If the two are totally techy, don’t stray from what you know! Try making a video, website, QR code or proposal that references your favorite video game. You’ll totally sync.

35. Campfire

Enjoy a quiet evening under the stars, with the crackle of a campfire and a couple of s’mores. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with your woman. Ask her where she sees your relationship in the next 5 years, and then repeat everything back to her and propose! Be careful as to avoid the fire when kneeling.

36. Where It All Began

Hopefully those nervous jitters don’t come flying back to you, although they might. Take her to your first-date spot and remind her how far your relationship has grown since then.


37. On a Boat

What a perfect setting. Waves rolling, wind blowing and a beautiful blue background. This could be the spot that she never would expect, but would totally blow her away.

38. Build a Fort

For a cheaper more playful option, build a fort! It can be as simple as a blanket over a few chairs, or as in-depth as your imagination can carry you. Whatever the fort may be, bring back that fun romantic spark.

39. Fireworks Display

Are you an All-American Man?! Is she totally mesmerized by shiny things? (Well good thing you went to Husar’s!) Take her to a fireworks show. Then as she oh’s and ah’s, you can get down on your knee and steal the spotlight.

40. Surprise Party

A surprise gathering of all of your friends and family makes for an amazing proposal. Organize the whole event, pop the question and then you’ll have the rest of the night to celebrate with all of your loved ones!

If your girl is ready for you to ask her to marry you, she has imagined you asking her a million times, a thousand different ways. Whatever way you decide to confess your love to her, just know it isn’t really about the location. It is about your heartfelt proposal and the two of you together, admitting your eternal love for each other.


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