The First Look: Take I

the first look

Assuming you don’t believe in bad luck, you can still join this new trend known as “the first look”.

Dating back to prearranged marriages, the bride and groom were not supposed to meet before their wedding day. That tradition transformed into today’s tradition where the happy couple does not see each other the day of their wedding, until the ceremony.

Now, Millennial couples are saying “YOLO” and are preparing for a private meeting before their wedding ceremony.

They’re all dressed, dolled & ready to walk down the aisle, but they’re savoring the moment they first see each other for themselves, and their photographer of course.

Why would they do that?! Well, according to some photographers it reduces stress and gets those pre-wedding jitters out, which makes for more relaxed pictures of the wedding ceremony. Other couples say they just want the moment to be a little more personal.

What do you think? Should the bride & groom wait to meet, like their “supposed to”? Or is the acronym FOMO flashing across your thoughts? (If you don’t know what FOMO is, you’re already missing out.)

Our thoughts? It’s very interesting and makes for some pretty emotional pictures, but the ring first look (AKA pre-engagement ring shopping) is really what we get excited about! Next Blog topic? The First Look: Take II!



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