The First Look: Take II

Yes, we are aware we are working backwards, but who could resist doing a ring “first look”? Here at Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds we love when we get couples who shop together for an engagement ring, and we’ve noticed some benefits for those that do.

Size, Style & Sizzle
HSD.50807You plan the whole evening, you buy flowers, go to a fine dinner and you know the moment’s right, so you seize it. She says yes! You go to put the ring on her finger, but it doesn’t fit. Did you get her ring finger sized? A part of our service to you as a customer is to offer free sizing. Then she can wear her ring the instant she agrees to spend the rest of her life with you.

Style is next on the list. For those of you who don’t know the difference between vintage, two-tone, halo, pave set, or any of the other types of ring settings, you may want to see what style she likes. Plus, then she can see what style looks best on her own finger, as opposed to what she sees in a picture.

Oh, and engagement ring shopping is extremely romantic. It is an experience where everything shifts, and the future you’ve dreamed of starts to become a reality. While shopping she will be fantasizing about a wedding, a honeymoon, and a life together. Sizzle.


HSD.16429 & 16431What about the surprise? Or the romantic setting where you get down on one knee?  Breathe, you can totally still do that!

If you still want to make it a surprise you can come in flyin’ solo, or bring her with and play it off as window shopping. Let it be her idea. Or, maybe you need to get a gift for your great aunt Gertrude’s birthday, and your companion just so happens to look at rings while shopping at Husar’s.

However it comes about, take advantage! In the end it will reduce any stress you have about the ring, & it will probably give you a pretty good idea if she will say yes. 😉 Hope to see you shopping for that pretend aunt of yours soon!


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